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(HEAT 2-3)CB’S SMOKER SEASONING is really an all purpose rub that can be used on ANYTHING you put in your smoker, grill or even the oven. My wife and I decided to create our own rubs because most of the rubs available today have way too much salt for our liking.

With CB’S SMOKER SEASONING we combine the basic flavors of paprika, cumin, brown sugar, our home grown mild peppers and other spices to obtain a great flavor and a rich bark or crust on all of your favorite meats. Great on pork or beef ribs, chicken, brisket, prime rib and turkeys.

Comes in 2 sizes, Small shaker (appx 2oz) and Large squeeze bottle (appx 8oz)


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Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 8 × 2 × 2 in

Large, Small

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