Welcome to "RELISH THE PAIN" series of Super-Hot products!


We started the “RELISH THE PAIN” series to showcase some of our hottest products to the true PEPPER HEADS.

With our sauces we’ve created a series of sauces that are little thicker, and seriously HOT with a great flavor! These sauces will stick to your tacos, chicken wings or ribs without ending up running down your arm or in my case, ending up on my shirt. All of these sauces are great on just about anything you want to raise the heat level on and still be able to enjoy the food you’re putting it on. These sauces pair extremely well on chicken, scrambled eggs, pizza, tacos, black beans, pork chops, spareribs etc.


The MEANIE GREENIE relish (HEAT LEVEL 7-10) is our first in this series and so far, it’s been a big hit with the true pepper heads! Unfortunately, due to the pepper’s availability, it is a seasonal item, and we are just about out of the last batch. Customers have been asking for the same type of sauce but with their favorite pepper, so I decided to continue the series with one of my own favorite peppers, the fiery habanero! The Orange Crush!


The ORANGE CRUSH relish (HEAT LEVEL8-9) has a bold habanero flavor with a sweet touch of real oranges. This sauce is available all year round. I like this sauce mixed in with my black beans, on a slice of pizza but my favorite has been on my chicken wings as a finishing sauce.


COMMING SOON! The GHOST PEPPER relish (HEAT LEVEL 9-10) is way over my heat limitations, but the true pepper heads have given me some great feedback on this sauce. Whatever you put it on will certainly be much tastier and certainly hotter! Available soon!


(HEAT LEVEL 10+) – Our “NASHVILLE RELSIH THE PAIN JERKY” is our newest addition to our RELISH THE PAIN SERIES OF PRODUCTS and oh my gosh it is painfully delicious!

It’s not just HOT, it’s not REALLY HOT and it’s not STOOPID HOT, its OFF THE CHART!