Our swamp sausage is a very mild recipe with a tiny bit of heat, great on a bun or add it to just about any recipe that calls for sausage.

Our Italian sausages are great on the grill or buy in bulk form and use it in your spaghetti sauce or lasagna recipes!

Our mild andouille sausage is a flavorful recipe with a medium heat that gives any recipe that Cajun flavor. Use it in jambalaya, gumbo or straight from the grill to a bun!

Same as our mild andouille sausage but the spicy version has an added kick of heat for the true Cajun experience!

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Mild Kielbasa

Our mild chorizo sausage has a lot of flavor. It can be purchased in bulk to create a traditional dish with scrambled eggs and is also a perfect fit for a bun.

Our spicy chorizo sausage has an extra amount of heat to spice up any meal, pizza or great on a bun as well

Our mild jalapeno sausage is delicious! Its mild enough that my mother-in-law likes it because it has just a little bit of that jalapeno heat to tingle your taste buds but not so much to hide the sausage flavor.

Our CHEESY jalapeno sausage uses the same ingredients as the mild jalapeno BUT we add sharp cheddar cheese and wow, does that add to the flavor profile.