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(HEAT 4-5) – Our SWEET N SPICY is another all-purpose rub that can be used on ANYTHING! If you put in your smoker, on the grill, stove top or even in the oven…you will love this rub.

My wife and I decided to create our own rubs because most of the rubs available today have way too much salt for our liking. This rub does have a little salt but its not the main ingredient.

With the SWEET N SPICY rub, we blend our home-grown Goat Horn peppers with the Scotch Bonnet along with sugar, salt and other spices for the perfect sweetness and heat level that most everyone can enjoy! The sweetness of the Goat Horn and fruitiness of the Scotch Bonnet blend together well for the perfect seasoning on pork, chicken or fish. This rub was created with pork chops in mind with the help of one of our really good customers, Jim and his wife Yvonne!

Comes in 2 sizes, Small shaker (appx 2oz) and Large squeeze bottle (appx 9oz)


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Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 8 × 2 × 2 in

Large, Small

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