Whenever we travel we like to take our jerky along with us and most of our customers do as well. Here you can see some of the many places our jerky has traveled.

Please send us some pictures of where you’ve taken OR enjoyed our jerky. It might be in your home town near an interesting landmark, monument or from your last vacation?

Click the button below to upload your photos and once they are approved we will post them to this page to share with our customers.



85th Birthday Party!

One of our nicest neighbors had a Birthday Party “Lunch” for her mother.



Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your special celebration!

We appreciate the feedback on the Smoked Ribs and Tips

Good to see smiles and EMPTY containers.

All the way from Nebraska

Here’s our new friends in Lincoln, Nebraska enjoying our jerky.

If you’ve never heard of their company, MercantileStation2 STX INTERNATIONAL click the link and find out more about this company and their products.

We’ve been using their products for several years and I HIGHLY recommend them! Not are the just well-built and extremely durable but they are also very affordable. Thank for sharing your photos!!


From Park City Utah!



Today we find our jerky has went skiing with one of our very best customers.  The family is enjoying one of the snowiest ski seasons in Park City, Utah.

Thanks for sharing your pictures and especially your business!

Today we have something a little different than the usual Traveling Jerky pics.

One of our very best customers took our delicious Smoked Pork Ribs to his families 4th of July celebration and as you will see they celebrate the 4th BIG TIME!

For some silly reason they aren’t allowed to set off fireworks, so they save their Christmas tree until the 4th and REALLY LIGHT IT UP……with a flame thrower!

Gotta love the ingenuity this guy came up with! I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next year.

Thank you, Sir for the awesome photos!

Today we find that our jerky has traveled to the Appalachian Mountains, notably the famous Appalachian Trail. One of our very good customers snapped these awesome pictures while hiking!!

Thank You Sir for the great pics and your awesome order!!

Two of our VERY BEST customers have sent in todays Traveling Jerky pictures from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

They’ve taken along Original Habanero Cheese styx to a well known

local hot spot-Cabo Wabo Cantina

owned and operated by the Red Rocker himself, Sammy Hagar!

Thank you both for the AWESOME pictures

Hope you are enjoying the sun and fun!!

After the “Plan-demic” dust settled a bit, we FINALLY took a much-needed vacation!!

As usual I took along some of our jerky.

The Whiskey Pepper was a nice addition to the many (too many) snacks at the pool.

Two more of our AWESOME customers who really enjoy traveling AND the spice of life recently took some Scorpion Stinger jerky to Rugby North Dakota. Thank you very much for sharing your pictures and taking along our jerky!!

Today we have a customer that traveled to “Sizzling” Cancun, Mexico and brought along a bag of Sizzle Stix.

Thank you Scott for the wonderful pictures!!

More great pictures from another great customer!

Taken in Park City, Utah

Thank you Sir!