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(HEAT 4-5) – The Swamp Seasoning EXTRA is the same recipe as the Swamp Seasoning with a little more heat to it. We have many customers that use the Swamp Seasoning and were asking for some more heat; so we added a little Cayenne and Habanero. I believe it turned out perfectly!!

If you don’t like heat or a little zing on your food, I would NOT recommend it to you. However, if you DO like a little zing then YOU WILL find it PERFECT on pork loin, chicken wings, ribs or mix in oil and water for an injection to rock out your Thanksgiving turkeys!

And I’m pretty sure this blend will end up in a sausage soon!

Pictured above is “Swamp Shrimp”. One of our awesome customers came up with this dish. I will share the recipe here soon. Looks fantastic!! Thank you sir for sharing!!

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