(HEAT 4-5) The “T Rex Sauce” is a sweet sauce with a medium heat. We make this sauce using our home grown Red Jalapeno peppers, smoked tomatoes, white and balsamic vinegar and onions. Great on tacos, scrambled eggs, chicken wings…anything that you want to add some sweet and heat to! LIMITED TIME ONLY once our peppers are gone you will have to wait for next season!

I used the T-Rex sauce for our Thanksgiving turkey again this and it turned out really really good!!

I juiced it up about three days before and flipped it over every day to allow all the sauce to soak into all the meat. Fried it at 375 for 55 minutes or a temperature of 165 and let it rest for 20 minutes before slicing.

(13.5 lb turkey for about 4 minutes a pound in the Master Built Fryer)

New 9-ounce squeeze bottles!

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