TORQUED Taco Sauce


(HEAT 5-6) NEW 9OZ SIZE Our taco sauces are NOT hot sauces; they are meant to compliment the flavor of your tacos or burritos.

Our TORQUED Taco Sauce is a tomato based sauce. We use fire roasted tomatoes, smoked onions, garlic, paprika, Red pepper, smoked Cayenne, a tiny bit of Habanero pepper and other spices.

With the TORQUED taco sauce we TORQUE it up notch by adding our home grown Habanero peppers. We add just a tiny amount of Habanero so we don’t overpower the other flavors. The TORQUED version may disappoint the true “pepper heads” but it will satisfy most people that like an extra kick on their tacos, burritos or even eggs!







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