Lori starts our peppers from seeds sometime in late December, and then puts them in our grow tent.

We set our peppers out after Mother’s Day when the soil is warmer and the forecast is for nights not getting below 50 degrees.

Due to a bumper crop last year, we only set out 17 plants this year.

Spotted one of the first babies! I think it’s going to be a Mexican 6 pepper? We bought some seeds at the dollar store and this is one of them. Not sure if it’s supposed to be hot but by the size of the stems, I’m guessing they’re gonna be big!

YEP! They’re gonna be biggies, hopefully with a little heat 🙂

We have several habaneros that are filling out nicely!. The seeds we used for this guy goes back to 2009 when we started growing our own peppers instead of purchasing them. We use them in everything from our Smoked Habanero Shaker to our Sweet n Smokey Beef Jerky

We’ve been using the double bucket planting method for growing most of our peppers for some time. We spotted this method from Khang Starr on YouTube several years ago. This guy is THE authority (in my opinion) on growing peppers!!!!!

July 24th pictures

Horseradish is doing well. It’s easy to grow and comes back bigger every year
The other day Lori noticed A LOT of leaves disappearing from the pepper plants. After looking closer, she found the culprit it WAS a tomato worm! Just one of these nasty tomato worms can wipe out your entire pepper population in a matter of days. Lets just say this particular bug is no longer a threat and we will keep an eye out for any of his relatives 🙂

August 16th pepper pictures

So we’ve picked peppers twice now, bringing in around 100 peppers. Most have been long red cayenne, the plain crushed red, habaneros and then a few Scotch bonnets.

This year we didn’t use Loris root formula or the leave enhancer but we are still getting some really nice peppers! I think the size of the plants and the quantity of peppers they are producing is smaller compared to last year….BUT we were blessed with a HUGE crop year!!!!!!

More progress pictures coming soon!